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Psilocybin Assisted Trip with Guide

Let the mushrooms be the teacher.

I'm here as a fellow human to guide you.

A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing.

Author Unknown

Trip Sitting

I understand that exploring the inner world with psilocybin can be a transformative and powerful experience yet at the same time may also feel overwhelming and challenging. That's where I come in. My experience and compassionate trip approach will provide you with the support and guidance you need to have a safe, meaningful, and transformative journey.

I prioritize creating a comfortable and non-judgmental environment for you to explore your inner world. I will take the time to establish trust and rapport with you beforehand and to understand your intentions and expectations for the trip. I am well-versed in the effects and potential risks of various psychedelic substances and will provide you with practical information and support throughout the experience.

During the trip, I stay present and attentive to your physical and emotional needs, providing you with reassurance and guidance. I am prepared to help you navigate any challenging emotions or thoughts that may arise and will support you in staying present and grounded throughout the experience. I respect your autonomy and boundaries and will offer gentle guidance without imposing my own beliefs or expectations onto your experience.

You can rest assured that you will have the support, comfort, and structure you need to have a transformative and positive psychedelic experience.

My mission is to help you connect with your true self and find healing and growth on your journey.

White Sand and Stone
Spiral Stairs
Forest Sunrays

Let Go

Let go of fear, it no longer serves you.

There is a wealth of information on psilocybin mushrooms and I encourage you to begin doing your own research. As always I am here to answer all the questions I can and point you in the direction you seek.

There are several documentaries out right now that shed light on this subject. 

See Perspective

Life can often feel like a never-ending spiral of patterns, rituals, and muscle memory. 

It might be time to switch it up. Through this journey, you may encounter new perspectives, depths, and purpose.


I have seen a transformation in those who explore and trust this process.

Nature wants to see you succeed. 

My Personal Experience

It's been a healing and transformational journey filled with deep meaningful connection to emotions, body, mind, and soul. It's challenged and opened me up in ways I didn't know possible.  

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