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Journey of Acceptance & Connection

Join me on a journey of love and acceptance, guided by nature and fueled by a desire to help others. Let's explore the deeper connections between awareness, body, mind, soul, and emotions, and discover the peace and purpose of embracing our true selves.

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by Jordan Majka

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Chico, the chicken pot pie.



I'm Cody. Wanna be friends?

I came to this Earth with love for everybody in my heart. My mom tells a story of me walking up to everyone on the playground and expressing, "Hi I'm Cody, wanna be friends?" That energy is alive in me again. My journey involves losing touch with that sensitive, caring, friendly, goofy, loving kid and building armor to survive in a world of fear, projection, and the human ego. I am on a journey to rediscover what a higher path through his free eyes could look like on Earth. A life of love and friendliness to all. Being vulnerable. Real vulnerable. Real openness. Real genuineness. Real love. I see humanity trapped in its mind and losing touch with love. Losing touch with Our emotions, minds, bodies, souls, Our home Earth, and Our purpose.

Our purpose is to love.

All the great teachers of Earth speak this language. LOVE!

Love will set you free (cornball!).

I have grown acutely aware that humanity has taken more than we should have from Mother Earth. We are out of balance and we must change our ways. We can begin by raising Our awareness of how we are a part of everythingWe have a chance to recognize the creative force and divinity within each of us and find Our place in the order of Nature to align with the spirit of Earth.

There is purpose on Earth and it isn't money, possessions, "likes," or ego. 

It's Love.

Something about humans is unique.

Something about humanity is needed in the universe.

We are needed amongst the cosmos.

Whatever it is, I know it's vital. 

Each of our fears is unique to us, and we need to recognize that these fears serve us but should not subjugate us. It's time to replace fear as the driver and let love in.

Take a trip, have an awakening. 

Love, Light, & Peace,


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