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"You know that part in Rapunzel when she get's out of her tower? It's like that, pure love and wonderment."

"I now understand why I met you when I did. It's so we could bond and be friends. I needed this. You saved me, Cody. You helped me see so much.

40 years of therapy in 4 hours.

My eyes, heart, and mind are more open than they have ever been."

40 years

"Cody is a phenomenal trip guide for many reasons. Reason one would be that he is a very positive person to be around! I have taken doses varying from 1 gram to 3.5 grams of psychedelic mushrooms with Cody by my side and have nothing but positive experiences to share. He has helped me overcome trauma and PTSD and helped talk me through the healing part of our trips. Personally, I had reservations about taking 3.5 grams but taking them with Cody by my side made the drop a lot less frightening. His choice of music is always essential to helping me find a calm equilibrium during our trips. I 110% would recommend Cody to any first-time trippers that are interested in experiencing the healing powers of psilocybin!"

30 years


"Cody was the first person I went to for advice when I became curious. Comfort. His guidance helped me ease into my experience."

26 years

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